Ellem Software - St. Louis

Coming Soon: Ethical Hacking

We're expanding into the most helpful technology service that exist in this day in age: ethical hacking. With Ellem Software, you can have confidence with your security and data, something not even Equifax had.

Ellem Software - Services

Application Development

We will design, build, and enhance your real-world business solutions by using innovative technological platforms and services. Our spectrum of development services will give you the competitive advantage you need.

Full Stack Development

We can build the backbone to your custom business solution. Our team will produce a solution which is stable at every development level and meets your needs flawlessy.


Sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction when beginning your project. Let our experts guide your software solution architecture and help select the right technological components for your software project.

Mobile App Development

As the mobile world is getting more and more complicated, we make it simple to have a powerful and agile mobile application that fits your business needs.

Modernization and Future Proofing

Our team will ensure that your solutions are tomorrow proof. We use cutting edge technologies to dynamically build your solutions, and plan every product with scalability and project evolution in mind.