Ellem Software - St. Louis

Coming Soon: Ethical Hacking

We're expanding into the most helpful technology service that exist in this day in age: ethical hacking. With Ellem Software, you can have confidence with your security and data, something not even Equifax had.

Ellem Software - Careers

Current Openings

Web Developers
Develop user-friendly, efficient, and extensible websites to promote our clients' businesses! Web developers will be working in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to make websites for clients.
UI Designers
Design flowing, user-friendly web layouts. The UI layer of any website should be perfected for the end user, and our designers will excel in delivering usable products to our customers.
Database Manager
Take care of back-end hardware and software layers. Also in charge of upgrading systems as needed for our website or our clients' websites.
Software Engineer
Quick learner needed. You should have experience in a variety of languages and paradigms. We won't test your knowledge, but we'll test your skill.
Software Project Manager
Experience in agile environments and PMI project management. We also require an impressive amount of software engineering experience.

For questions about any of our job opportunities or the application process please feel free to contact us.